Shannon Wilkinson

Chief Executive Officer, President, Treasurer and Director

Shannon is a graduate from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a bachelor's degree in Management Information Systems. She earned her master's degree in Information Systems Management from the University of Phoenix. The first 12 years of her career were spent overseas, working for the United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations building mission critical software platforms. In the fall of 2019, Shannon co-founded Tego Cyber Inc. with a mission to develop an innovative threat intelligence application designed to help macro enterprises effectively respond to the ever-changing cyber threat landscape. Shannon was selected as the 2018 Las Vegas Women in Technology - Cybersecurity, 2017 Las Vegas Women in Technology Entrepreneur as well as appeared in the MyVEGAS Magazine Top 100 Women of Las Vegas in 2017 and 2018. She has , co-authored an Amazon Best Seller, and is featured on several news sources as a cybersecurity expert.

Dr. Earl Johnson

Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Johnson has over 35 years’ experience in international finance, corporate investigations, and law enforcement. He currently is the CEO & President of International Consultants & Investigations, a private security and investigation consultancy firm. His field of expertise includes international fraud investigations, corporate intelligence and due diligence, cryptocurrency tracking, and cybersecurity consulting. He has experience operating in the Far East, Middle East, Europe and South America. Dr. Johnson holds a PhD in International Finance from the California University for Advanced Studies. He will be dedicating approximately 10 hours a week to his role as Chief Financial Officer of
the Company.

Alissa Knight

Chief Marketing Officer

Ms. Knight is best known for having been a reformed Blackhat hacker turned content creator, business mogul, and media personality. Following her arrest at 17 for hacking a government network, Ms. Knight was recruited by the U.S. intelligence community where she supported counterinsurgency (COIN) operations as a defense contractor. She is the co-founder of commercial production house Knight Studios, part of the Knight Group owned by her and her wife, Melissa Knight, which own a family of companies under the same brand, Knight Events, Knight Studios, and Knight Ink. Prior to starting Knight Group, Alissa retired at 27 after selling two previous companies in cybersecurity to publicly traded companies in international markets.

Chris White

Chief Information Security Officer and Director

Chris has over thirty years’ experience in cybersecurity, telecommunications, and automation. His career began in 1989 with the USAF SIGINT (Signals Intelligence) forces, serving for 10 years. Over the next 15 years, he supported the U.S. Armed Forces at defense contractor General Dynamics AIS, specializing in cybersecurity. He then worked 4 years building EY's MSSP offering, acting as CTO, and responsible for providing security services to 500,000 endpoints. Most recently, he was the Deputy CISO / Director of Global Security Operations for Interpublic Group of Companies (NYSE: IPG). Over his career, Chris has created, delivered, trained, or operated cyber services inside of the U.S. DoD, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Healthcare, Media/Entertainment and Hospitality verticals. He holds a Master’s degree in Systems Engineering, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Network Engineering from Regis University.